duminică, 23 ianuarie 2011

Reasons to Fail (...because)

Reasons to Fail

Inspired by Mark Isham's Flames song
(from Crash OST)
...because it's only another mask in front of people's iron(ic) eyes,
...because there are many faults instead of sliced heavens,
...because my mistakes becomes books, images, or sad echoes,
...because it's the night who hide the blinded light's blood,
...because the times' silence is made from dead blue stars,
...because within this world it's only an empty clock – your soul,
...because our sickness is too deep buried by the skies, beneath the void,
...because it's nothing important than the darkest face of love!

These reasons to be far away,
distant from green alleys and red thoughts,
are enough to feel some joy,
to hope again, to rejoice from grass or harps?

I'm too old to play this ancient game;
I'm too young to be a phony saint...
Let's sin and pray again, sweet death,
let's make war, fast love of icons' wet stain,
let's sense nights and search other ways to lie,
it's nothing clear into our melted head!

Some new reasons to fail,
some episodes of shame:
'cause our chance is to be apart!