duminică, 23 ianuarie 2011

Next Challenge: MacBook

To pleasure myself with a new toy for this summer, on 07 July, I acquired a MacBook, "something beautiful, amazing, wonderful, extraordinary beautiful" (to quote Jon Anderson – listen to Circus of Heaven, a musical bijou from "Tormato" album by YES). Strange yet powerful, a machine and operating system who made my whole day (and week).
Now, I'm learning and I having hopes I'll write soon my first graphical application for MacOS X (I already downloaded Xcode Developer Tools) and my first Dashboard widget (the later is much easier to be developed). These aspects should prove me I'm still not so corroded by fatigue, lack of ideas, or other unpleasant things...
I expect I'll be able to read/experiment at least 20% from Apple's technical documentation, including C, C++, Objective C, Java, Perl, and Python provided source code. Quite ambitious I am, indeed... :)